Price List

Dental check-up, examination,consultation, indyvidual treatment plan50-100 PLN
X-ray30 PLN

Concervative treatment

Filling of caries lesions150-300 PLN
Long time temporary filling150-200 PLN
Tooth composite restoration, composite restoration using fibre core200-400 PLN
Tooth whitening (each dose)100 PLN
Teeth whitening(with lamp plasma in dentistry office)1200 PLN


Adaptive visit50 PLN
Filling80-100 PLN
Temporary filiing80 PLN
Removal of milk tooth80 PLN

Dental surgery and periodontal treatment

Tooth extraction150-200 PLN
Surgical extraction200-350 PLN
Impacted tooth extraction500-800 PLN
Sutures50 PLN
Periodontal microsurgery200-1000 PLN
Resection of tooth root apex, cystectomy700-1500 PLN
Root planing ( without costs of biomaterials)250-500 PLN
Recession cover 600-800 PLN
Tissue graft 1000-2000 PLN
Teeth splinting150 PLN /1tooth

Root canal treatment with dental microscope

Incisors500-600 PLN
Premolars700 PLN
Molars800-1300 PLN
Retreatmentindividual plan and costs in our office
Root perforation,resorbtion treatment300-500 PLN
Removing of broken files, inserts, etc.400-500 PLN


Tooth sealing (scaling,polishing,sandblasting, fluoridation)100 PLN


Complete denture upper or lower jaw, removable1500-1600 PLN
Skeletal denture, vinyl2000-2500 PLN
Dental precision attachmentindividual plan
Denture repair100-120 PLN
Denture relining, rebasing500 PLN
Porcelain crown (PFM)1200 PLN
All-ceramic crown1600-2000 PLN
Inlay, onlay, overlay, composite800 PLN
Temporary crown150-200 PLN
Root canal insert, steel, fibre cor, composite400-800 PLN
Composite, porcelain veneer1300-1600 PLN
Malocclusion Diagnosis by Kois techniques400-600 PLN
Malocclusion treatment by composite for diagnostic200-500 PLN (each visit)
Reconstruction of lost hard tissuees with composite onlay, direct or indirect method350-700 PLN /tooth

Implant treatment

Implant placement2500-3500 PLN
Porcelain fused to metal crown2200 PLN
All-ceramic or zirconia crown with aesthetic abutment3500
Sinus lift (crestal approach, lateral approach )1000-5000 PLN
Bone graft3000-4000 PLN
Guided bone regeneration, ridge augmentation1000-2500 PLN